Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The End of the Tea Party?

Image from source, Salon
Have you ever gotten a glass of iced tea at a restaurant that was "skunky?" I mean bad tasting, bad smelling. A taste you can't put your finger on, but it's kind of like spoiled tomatoes? People who know the food industry have told me that is what happens when the tea maker hasn't been cleaned out in a while. It just gets skunky.

Seems like as good as a metaphor for the tea party as any. Except that the tea party was merely a rebranding of the hard-core conservatives in the first place.


This is what GOP brand poisoning looks like 

The most recent national survey from the Quinnipiac Polling Institute suggests a serious image problem for the Republican Party, with just 28 percent of voters saying they have a favorable view of the GOP and 57 percent saying they have an unfavorable one. Tuesday night offered a demonstration of why this is, with voters in several states siding against some of the most prominent faces and ideas of the Tea Party-era Republican Party. . .

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  1. Actually, the same can be said of soda. You can tell if mold is growing on the soda fountains, especially at places like 7-11, Rebel and other places like that. It's gross.
    As far as the Tea Party, they'll last longer than the Occupy movement.

  2. I doubt the tea party will last longer than the occupy movement, since the tea party is mostly old folks and the occupy movement is mostly young adults.

    John A.


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