Friday, November 11, 2011

Murderer of Gay Rights Leader Given 30 Years in Uganda

Image from source, Raw Story
Many times--particularly in America, where we know more about the stories--crimes committed against gay people are not punished with much of a sense of justice.  Harvey Milk's murderer, for instance, got five years for manslaughter, even though he murdered Milk in cold blood. It was later termed "the twinkie defense" and is famous for its audacity.
So, it is with great surprise that we find a similar story with a more satisfying ending.


Uganda jails murderer of gay activist for 30 years

A Ugandan court has sentenced a man to 30 years in jail for the brutal slaying of a leading gay rights activist, a spokeswoman for the public prosecutor said Friday.

Enoch Nsubuga admitted beating prominent campaigner David Kato to death with a hammer at his home outside Kampala in January, but claimed that he had been reacting to unwanted demands for sex. . .

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