Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Herman Cain: I Need a Lover That Won't Call a Press Conference

More comedy gold from Mike in Raleigh, contributor to The Stephanie Miller show.

I Need A Lover That Won't Call A Press Conference by Mike In Raleigh


  1. 15 years ago, and she still feels the same...

  2. I heard this quickie on Thom Hartmann's show and had to hear it again.
    Too F...in' funny! I'm lovin' it.

  3. and the cup lands on some yuppie scum, some pretentious %$@#$?! I've seen around, who starts screaming and yelling, but nobody cares, and they all keep going along like nothing happened. After all, cheap ray bans nothing really did.So now I'm walking down the street and it's like really busy with cars and people and I'm totally spun, like out of my mind, and it's hot and I lost my sunglasses somewhere so now all the cars that drive by, shiny and nice-looking, blind me horribly and I keep wandering into the road, and I almost get hit like a hundred times. But it really doesn't seem to faze me, because for some reason I'm laughing uncontrollably, and people are walking by in droves,


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