Friday, November 18, 2011

Bob Vander Plaats, Anti-Gay Zealot to Host Presidential Event

Dude really needs some eyebrows. And a
new hairdo. And he probably shouldn't
open his mouth that way, given his favorite
subject matter.
Bob Vander Plaats is a ultra-conservative, ultra-religious political figure from Iowa. Calling him a zealot in the headline isn't an insult or a slam, it is simply the truth. Social conservatives paradoxically preach "smaller government" while simultaneously trying to use legislation to restrict the rights of homosexuals and women. They claim to be about "freedom," but in reality only want their kind of freedom, which includes heaping helpings of Jesus, and questionable biblical admonishment of homosexuality and abortion.

I feel like I'm giving kid-glove treatment here, but thankfully, Think Progress has all the details.


Vander Plaats 101: Meet The Anti-Gay Zealot Hosting A 2012 Forum Tomorrow

Who is Bob Vander Plaats & Why Does It Matter?

Earlier this year, we introduced you to the FAMiLY LEADER, the extreme anti-gay group in Iowa, and its leader, Bob Vander Plaats. Tomorrow, Vander Plaats is hosting a “Thanksgiving Family Forum” for presidential candidates. If history is any guide, this event promises to be a veritable cornucopia of attacks on gays and women’s health care and a celebration of fringe social views.

Here’s a rundown of that history, just to remind you who and what Republicans presidential candidates choose to associate themselves with — something that definitely matters. . .

Read more at: Think Progress

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