Thursday, November 10, 2011

Has AOL Punk'd Anti-Gay Web Site?

You just know that half the people (at least) who are regular
readers of Americans for Truth would rather go to the above
sites! Click to embiggen.
Okay, so I went to this homophobic site,, which is less telling than their official name, Americans for Truth about Homosexuality. Of course, "truth" is not what this group is about. It is an obsessive-compulsive "we hate gay, gay is evil, why is gay everywhere, we can't get away from the gay, gay, gay!" site. It's fairly disgusting, but also stupid and darkly humorous.

Anyway, I was curious if these strangely obsessed folks had anything to say about the very, very gay episode of Glee that aired on FOX (!) tv this week. But for some reason (what a shame) the site was down. But look at what my AOL suggested as similar sites puts up as targeted ads! The funny part is, there is nothing in this group's web address that indicates the gay. I have to wonder if this is intentional.


  1. Did you click on "Meet Gay Harry Men"?... You dastardly beast.

  2. Actually, I did, but not for the reasons you think. In fact, that's how I noticed this funny results page. It was an accidental random click on the page, not even right on the link.

    Having nothing against (ahem) hairy gay men, I'd own up to it if it were on purpose!

  3. Damn... I thought I was going to be able to stop waxing...

  4. sip bro...langsung ke TKP..
    mo cek harsboganya nih


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