Friday, November 18, 2011

Scalia and Thomas, and Their Conflict of Interest

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Very clearly, this is a clear conflict of interest. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court Justices are not bound by any laws or rules. They're expected to be ethical by the virtue that they were picked for the position. Unfortunately, sometimes unethical people slip in.


Scotus: Have Thomas and Scalia Violated Their Code of Conduct Standards as it Relates to HCR?

. . .Justices are appointed for life.  They can be removed from the Court by impeachment or they can recuse themselves from cases before the Bench. Justice Sotomayor has recused herself from cases within the past few months.

Both Justice Scalia, Thomas and Alito have been photographed and in some cases approached by TV camera news crews about their attendance at conservative conferences. . .

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  1. Oh come on. They attend some conservative conferences and they should be disqualified from hearing caes?
    What about Kagen and Obamacare, where she worked in Obama's Whitehouse during the planning of Obamacare and they she cheers the passing votes. that's true conflict and I don't think she should recuse herself from the case.

  2. Dan, Scalia and Thomas were FETED by the very law firm fighting "Obamacare!" That's not a conflict of interest?

    The Kagen part of the story is a little less direct. If SHE should recuse herself, then the other two DEFINITELY should.


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