Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ann Romney: This is Hard

Willard and Ann Romney have taken a lot of jabs for being seemingly elitist and out-of-touch. Other than Mitt's odd inability to act like a normal person, we've got his wife, who is prone to phrasings like, "you people," and "it's our turn" that kind of thing. She's a very pretty version of Lovey Howell without the charm, or at least that's the side of her we're seeing. Romney himself was caught on tape saying that they use Ann sparingly, so that we don't get tired of her.

Ann didn't help her husband's nor her own case in this clip (starts about 40 seconds in), defending Mitt and his campaign on the radio.

"Stop it. This is Hard. . ."  The clip sounds like she's talking to America as though we're the help. But thanks to my addiction to The Stephanie Miller Show, where they played, "Stop it." over and over on Friday morning, it makes me laugh. And it makes me think of this clip from Will & Grace, .

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