Monday, September 3, 2012

What Happens in Vegas: Oscar Goodman Uses Obama to Make a Buck

I was highly irritated the other day, when I heard former Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman still squawking about President Obama "insulting" Las Vegas. This time, he's using the dubious charge to make a buck, selling the "No-Bama" Cocktail. How original.

Why is this irritating? Because--as usual--the whole complaint is based on quotes that--in context--were never intended to be insulting to anybody. They're common sense--dare I say--conservative ideas that mention Las Vegas. Could they have helped damage the valley economy? Yes, possibly, inadvertently. But tell me this, should bailed-out banks be taking junkets to Las Vegas on the taxpayer dime? Should families trying to scrape by, take a trip here, and blow their wad? No and no. You could argue that it was inadvisable for a seasoned politician to single out an American City as an example, but when did that ever stop Republicans? "Chicago thug-style politics." "San Fran-sicko." And on, and on.

I created this graphic for use on Facebook. I figured I might as well use it for this story. (Click to embiggen)
Oscar is only doing this--has only ever been doing this--for the attention. He loves, loves, loves attention. And you can tell, because he rarely dissuades anyone from the notion that "Las Vegas" the city does not include the Las Vegas Strip, The Hard Rock Hotel, The Rio, The Palms, The M or most of the other tourist attractions here. He was the Mayor of Downtown and the Stratosphere. Whoop-de-do. Go away, Oscar, let your wife have her time to shine.


Oscar Goodman toasts conventions with ‘No-Bama’ and ‘Romney’

The major political parties are meeting this week in Tampa, Fla., and next week in Charlotte, N.C., but at least one Las Vegas venue wants its patrons to be able to partake in the atmosphere of the Republican and Democratic National Conventions — at least in spirit. . .

Read more at: Las Vegas Sun

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