Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Gone Fishin' - Blogger Break (Kinda)

The ocean, she calls me. . .
I'm getting ready to depart on a vacation of sorts. I'm not gone yet, but preparations and whatnot will absorb a bit of my time. There will still be daily posts, as I'll be sprinkling in some time-released goodness to pop open on schedule. And we'll have internet access most of the time, so I'll stick my head in and say "hi" when I have the opportunity. But it's going to kind of look like a long holiday weekend does on most of the rest of the internet, that is to say, not much new and reruns!

So, if you don't like Greenlee Gazette Lite­™, please come back when I'm at full strength, probably October 2 or 3. Which--as luck would have it--is right in time for the first Obama/Romney debate!

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