Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Obama Forces Issue: "God," "Jerusalem" Back in DNC Platform

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Previously, I kind of gave a combined shrug and soft applause to the DNC for not putting "God"--by generic name--into their 2012 platform. I don't see why it would be a requirement, or why it would be controversial not to have it there. We are not a theocracy, there "is no religious test" for public office. . .so WTF, please tell me? And what in the world does calling Jerusalem the capital of Israel have to do with a damned thing?

Sigh. So, it is with a combined shrug and a soft eye roll that I respond to the subsequent insertion of both God and Jerusalem back into the platform. Why the DNC would blink when Right Wing World squawks, I have no idea. But on the other hand. . .

Do you remember when RNC chairman ReiNCe PRieBuS was being asked about the inconsistencies between Paul Ryan's, Mitt Romney's and the RNC's positions on abortion (including no exceptions for rape or incest)? Reince pleaded that the platform was for the party, but Romney was the candidate, and had his own views? That muddled message was never really sorted out. I mean, what is the platform if your party's leader doesn't follow it? In the case of the DNC, Obama spoke, and the party followed. Obama led, in other words.

As an atheist, I find the issue ridiculous. But this is not an election-deciding issue for me. I'm resigned to the very public flogging of religion by both parties, regardless of its Constitutional appropriateness. We're not getting God off of the money, and we're not getting "him" out of documents like this one. . .apparently.


In turnaround, Democrats reinstate language on Jerusalem

Democrats resurrected language in their party platform on Wednesday declaring Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel after Republicans accused them of showing weak support for the longtime U.S. ally. . .  

Read more at: NBC News

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