Monday, September 17, 2012

Romney Tape Reveals Contempt for 47% of Americans

Mittens in distress. Image from Raw Story
Whoa. At first, as I got the first dribs and drabs of this, I thought this was maybe not so bad. Then, a Facebook friend of mine said, basically, "Well, Romney doesn't care about my mother who is retired, or any veteran." Which would be included in those who receive benefits from the government. Good point, right? Then, as more of the context of the quote--and the promise of more to come--makes this sound really, really bad.

Don't believe me? Moments ago, in fact as I started typing this, Mitt Romney was on television giving a nervous, blustery, stammering press conference. As a reporter tried to clarify, he walked away, stage right, in a beeline, with a rictus grin plastered on his face. RomBot is not programmed for this! Was this the implosion of the Romney campaign, just now?


Romney: Obama supporters believe they are victims and pay no income tax

At a private fundraiser earlier this year, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney claimed that most supporters of President Barack Obama — and nearly half of Americans — believed they were entitled to government handouts and didn’t take responsibility for their lives. . .

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