Saturday, September 22, 2012

In Case You Missed It: The Political Ad by The West Wing Cast

Bridget Mary McCormack is running for Supreme Court Justice in the state of Michigan. We wouldn't know about that, except that her sister was an actress on The West Wing, who got together with much of that cast (including Martin Sheen!), and filmed an ad for her. Such a thing could come off cheap, tacky and embarrassingly. . .except for the fact that it is brilliant! I now am sad that I bailed on TWW after season five or so. Maybe I need to go watch them on Netflix. If you ever liked the show, watch the ad. And maybe you should also look into the non-partisan part of the ballot. . .


  1. If you took out the stuff about the candidate, this would be a great video explaining non-partisan elections, like the Supreme Court and other elections.

  2. Yeah, I wonder if there might be a recut of it, minus the candidate. But of course, it was the candidate whose sister is in the cast that got it together, so maybe not. Still, what a great idea. Should be done with other famous casts.


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