Thursday, September 6, 2012

DNC, Day #2 Cont'd: Bill Clinton Goes Long, Deep

Image from NBCNews.

Wow. Bill Clinton's speech--as I mentioned at length in the post below--was really something to behold. You know those ridiculous "Miss Me Yet?" George Bush signs? Yeah, well I miss this guy! And this guy whole-heartedly and enthusiastically endorsed, nominated and supports Barack Obama. What more do you need, really? Incidentally, the headline refers to the length of the speech, and the denseness of its content. What were you thinking?

So, without further ado, or prattle from me, here is the best video I could find of the speech. Should this get yanked, I'll replace it with official video later. Enjoy.

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  1. I thought the headline was a football metaphor for the duration and substance of the speech. I didn't even think about any other double-entendres, perhaps because I have football on the brain this time of year. Also, it's hard to dwell on Clinton's old scandal (of which so much ado was made at the time) in the age of sexting politicians, rentboys and anonymous restroom hook-ups. L'affaire Lewinsky seems so quaint nowadays, like the accounts of "criminal conversations" in 19th century divorce trials.


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