Wednesday, September 5, 2012

DNC, Day #2, Take Two

I wrote earlier that I felt disengaged from the speeches on day two of the Democratic National Convention. I blame that on a spectacular first night, and on a bit of a funk on my end. Despite that, things took a turn for the better, at least in my viewing. I was watching MSNBC, and was delighted to see Lawrence O'Donnell interviewing Senator Al Franken. I've been a Franken fan for as long as I've known who he is, but he's kept a low media profile as Senator. Turns out, he's still quick witted and sharp on policy. Too bad he didn't get a speech. [Story continues below]

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Shortly after that mini interview, Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke appeared, giving the best speech I've heard to that point. It helps that there's an emotional response to her, since she was viciously attacked by Rush Limbaugh, an attack that continues in Right Wing World to this day. Fluke has parlayed the uncalled for abuse into something positive, and good for her. May she annoy Rush and his sycophants (almost typed psycho-phants!) for a long time to come. [Story continues below]

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As expected, Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts candidate for Senate, was great. This is a woman I'd be banging on doors for if I lived in her state. She's just amazing, and what have they got on her? Maybe she got a story about her ancestry wrong? Boo hoo, my Grandma always told me I was related to Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone and General Patton. I'm sure I've told others that, but who knows if Grandma was right.  So, if that's all they've got, they've got nothing. If there is any complaint from me, it is only that Warren may be a little too soft-spoken for an arena speech. [Story continues below]

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Of course, the really big part of the show--including the official nomination of Barack Obama for President--was the appearance of Bill Clinton on the stage. Still popular after all these years--and despite all of the Clinton Derangement Syndrome over the last 20 years--Clinton just knows how to give a speech, and to hold an audience. As with Fluke before, I'm delighted that he likely still irritates the shit out of them! Hey, I'm ornery that way.

Clinton put to rest any lingering doubts that he supports President Obama and his reelection. I still have to wonder if Hillary might run in four years, but there was certainly no sabotage going on here. This was not a tepid endorsement. And if my Twitter feed was any indication, Bill's speech was blowing the barn doors off, the screen doors off, the bomb shelter doors off. He was smokin', and not strictly off prompter either, there was a heap of ad-libbing going on there. Too long, by half, I'll admit. But stellar, just stellar.

No speaker at the RNC last week matched a quarter of the wattage Clinton displayed. No speaker offered a hundredth of the personal endorsement, nor positive arguments for their candidate. Whatever doldrums I was feeling in the early part of today's coverage has been eclipsed, dwarfed, obliterated by Clinton's speech.  It was the best single political speech I've ever heard in my life. I actually kind of feel sorry for the President that he has to try and top it!

Clinton's speech isn't yet ready for embedding, but it deserves its own post anyway. I'll post it as soon as I can get it!

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