Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Democratic National Convention, Day #2

Bill Clinton speaks on day 2 of the DNC.
Image from NBCNews.
Oh dear. Do I have political burnout? I suffered through last week's trip through the RNC Bizarro World--and with a persistent headache yet--to be rewarded with a positive, uplifting, very well-done DNC on Tuesday. But, today, I got home a little earlier than usual. The sky was bursting with grey clouds, and my 4-mile walk didn't seem wise. So, I started watching this day of convention coverage much earlier than I caught any in the last two weeks.

I think the mixture of gloom outside and too much politics has pervaded my brain. I've been finding it difficult to get engaged on the DNC Day 2. As I type this, it's still early though, only 6:15 pm PDT. For those of you on the East Coast though, I have to wonder if you're awake! Okay, maybe that's not entirely fair. The audience in North Carolina seems entertained. The commentators aren't yammering about it being boring or an "off night." I think it just might be me. I will stay tuned to catch Elizabeth Warren and President Clinton. Something tells me I'll perk up by then. Updates to come. . .

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