Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hillary Clinton Responds to Death of State Dept. Officer, Romney Takes Advantage

Mrs. Clinton doing her job. Image from TPM.
Oy. I'm no fan of any religion in particular, and find some reactionary Muslims' hyper-sensitivity to "blasphemy" to be utterly and completely ridiculous. I find the very notion of blasphemy ridiculous, Muslim or not. But to deliberately stoke this irrational beast? To provoke a reaction on purpose? That is insanity, and this "pastor" Terry Jones guy ought to be excommunicated, or shunned, or whatever his idiotic sect does to assholes.

That said, I of course find the use of violence--up to and including murder--to be utterly unacceptable, and unbecoming of this "religion of peace," to say the very least. It takes a couple of typical reactions of religious people--1) overreaction and 2) believing that people not of your faith must follow your faith's rules--and magnifies them to insane proportions.

As for our politicians and their reactions to this terrible turn of events, I find Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's response to be typically very good. I find the Embassy's response to be just fine, provided that it was before the attacks happened, as stated. Mitt Romney has jumped in, trying to burnish his lacking foreign policy credentials, and finger-wagged the White House for "apologizing" for. . .what. . .that we have a douchebag "pastor" inflaming crazy people? I don't know, and Romney really doesn't yet either.

For all the crap President Obama got for "politicizing" the killing of Osama bin Laden--something Bush/Cheney would've had as part of a re-election slogan--Romney politicizing this horrible event right after it freakin' happened shows a real lack of restraint, and I find that inappropriate.


State Dept. Confirms Death In Libya; Romney Attacks ‘Disgraceful’ White House

. . .Secretary of State Hillary Clinton confirmed the death at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, according to the Associated Press. Angry mobs descended on the consulate in Libya and the embassy in Egypt to protest an online film by American pastor Terry Jones that denounces Islam. . .

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