Friday, September 21, 2012

Did Mitt Romney "Endarken" Himself for Meeting with Latinos?

Maybe he's just borrowing bronzer from John Boner
Boehner. Read more at Upworthy
I wondered about this before I heard anything about it. A darkened Mittster appeared on my screen, and I actually started fiddling with my TV settings, unsure about whether it was my TV's fault! Ah, Mittens. You're a real pander bear.


SERIOUSLY? Did Mitt Romney Get A Bad Spray Tan To Appeal To Latino Voters?

Mitt Romney went on Univision. He then called undocumented immigrants "illegal aliens" as though they were an invading horde determined to destroy America. And then... well, we'd like to preface this by saying we would really like to actually cover important issues, but then Mitt keeps doing interesting things like, I dunno, intentionally darkening his skin to grub for Latino votes. Free campaign advice, Mitt. DON'T DO THAT. Also, don't call HUMAN BEINGS "illegal aliens."  . . .

Read more at: Upworthy

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