Thursday, September 13, 2012

Karl Rove Resurrects Obama's Alleged "Vegas" Slam

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As I've reported before, former Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman has made a major stink on a couple of occasions, when he thinks that President Obama has dissed Las Vegas and/or Nevada. The first time, Obama was saying that bailed out banks shouldn't be sponsoring lavish junkets on the taxpayer's dime. Reasonable, you might even say conservative. The second time, Obama was talking about financial priorities. He wasn't saying not to go to Las Vegas--or anywhere else. He was saying you don't gamble away money that you can't afford. But Goodman was always an attention seeker, and he milked both statements for all they were worth. [Story continues below]

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Karl Rove is now beating that dead horse. And true to form, his ad makes it seem that Obama's comment is devoid of context: the Prez apparently just hates Vegas, don'tcha know? Worse, it is also implied that this statement is more recent than it is (2010). If you didn't know the context, you'd think that when Las Vegas was in its deepest despair, President Obama gleefully twisted the knife. I want "Crossroads" to become more widely known to equal "Karl Rove," and I want people to picture his face every time his group puts their name on an ad. To me, when I hear, "this ad paid for by American Crossroads/Crossroads GPS", what I hear is, "The previous political ad is utter bullshit, or at best, some cherry-picked facts stirred with bullshit, and served with bullshit gravy."


Crossroads GPS bets against Obama in Nevada ad

Ahead of President Barack Obama's campaign trip to Las Vegas Wednesday, the private arm of the Karl Rove-backed super PAC American Crossroads released a new ad in Nevada targeting the president over the economy."

After gambling your money on his failed stimulus, President Obama says, 'Don't blow a bunch of cash on Vegas'," the ad's narrator says. "He doesn't get it. In Nevada, tourism means jobs. Under Obama, nearly 62,000 fewer Nevada jobs. . ."

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