Friday, October 12, 2012

American Future Fund's Brazenly Dishonest Biden Ad

Ugh. When I saw this ad, it churned my stomach, but not for the reasons intended by American Future Fund. I didn't know it was possible to out-sleaze Karl Rove's Crossroads group's ads, but this anonymous donor group did it. In Thursday night's Vice Presidential debate, Joe Biden was criticized--mostly by sour grapes Republicans--for smiling and laughing. In context, it was clear that Biden's scoffing was a way of saying, "can you believe this guy?" when Paul Ryan was telling whoppers.

American Future Fund pretends that Biden was laughing at death and destruction, which is ludicrous. Below the belt. Out of bounds. Sleazy. Disgusting. Shameful. Whoever is behind this group ought to be ashamed, but I seriously doubt they're capable of it.

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