Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Gloria Allred Uncovers Romney Scandal?

Image from source, Gawker
I don't know what it says about our politics that the big story of the day was the dueling "October Surprises" of  professional douche nozzle Donald Trump and professional ambulance chaser Gloria Allred. It would seem that Allred's surprise had a little more meat on the bone than did Trump's, and a lot more to do with the election. But I don't think this one is going to take off.

On a side note, before you believe anyone who casts this as right vs. left, "both sides do it," please do keep this in mind: Gloria Allred has no constituency and no particular gravitas on the left. Donald Trump is a Conservative Superstar.


Gloria Allred’s ‘October Surprise’: Mitt Romney Lied Under Oath to Help Staples Founder Keep Money From Wife in Divorce?]

RadarOnline broke the news yesterday that attention-happy attorney Gloria Allred was on her way to Boston for a court hearing aimed at unsealing sworn testimony given by Romney that could potentially harm his campaign. . .

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