Sunday, October 21, 2012

Willard Has Romnesia, Republicans Do Too

I loved President Obama's new attack on Mitt Romney: Romnesia. It isn't just a cute turn of a phrase, it fits so very well. Romney has shown to have multiple positions on virtually every topic. Sometimes, he debuts a new position right in the middle of a presidential debate! It's such a sight to behold, the President himself was caught flat-footed when presented with the staggering changes of positions during the first debate.

But it isn't just Willard who is afflicted. The entire Republican/conservative/tea bagger conglomerate has a form of amnesia. Remember how after 9/11 we all pulled together? Remember that the Democrats did not attack President Bush during or even long after the terrorist attack? Remember how just saying something mildly against Bush during this time (and for years after) was "unpatriotic," and "attacking the President during a time of war?" Contrast that with how Republicans pounced after the Benghazi attack, and other attacks in the Middle East. Willard was nipping at the President's heels while the attacks were still happening. No right-wing pundit, politician, blogger or you weird Uncle Louie has been shy about blasting President Obama. All of them are seemingly Middle East experts now, and none of them feels the least bit un-patriotic for. . .attacking the president during a time of war. Amnesia. Or hypocrisy. You choose.

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