Thursday, October 11, 2012

Right-wing World: Instant Consensus, Biden Smiles Too Much

At the beginning of the Joe Biden-Paul Ryan debate, I noticed that Joe Biden was flashing a toothy smile. At first, I worried, because I know there are these odd, random moments in debates that stick. We know that Al Gore sighed. George H. W. Bush looked at his watch. Obama looked down. As the debate progressed however, the worry over the smile left me, because I thought Joe Biden was thoroughly kicking Paul Ryan's ass. In my Twitter feed--admittedly weighted more to the left--the consensus was clear: Biden's winning. Energy! Among Democrats!

So, what were the righties saying? Well, a few trickled in. Almost exclusively (unless they were dissing Martha Raddatz), they focused on Biden's smirk/smile/sneer/laugh name your synonym. I looked to FOX "News" and guess what? Smile. Drudge Report? Smile. It's unusual for the group-think to hit the conservative hive-mind so fast! Usually, they are a bit adrift until they get the word from on high at Mt. Limbaugh. But there you have it folks. The home run by Biden is forfeited on account of his smile. And we won't discuss the fact that Mitt Romney smirked his way through his debate, and was declared a winner. . .


Twitter frowns on Joe Biden's laugh

Vice President Joe Biden and Rep. Paul Ryan were the two candidates on stage at Thursday’s vice presidential debate, but a third character emerged: Joe Biden’s laugh, which didn’t escape the notice of tweeting politicos. (And led, of course, to at least three satirical Twitter accounts: Laughing Joe Biden, Biden Smirk, and yet another Laughing Joe Biden.) . . .

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