Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Debate #2: Mitt a 1-Trick Pony, Obama Comes Out Swinging

Barry bringin' it. Image from LA Times.
There will be spin, and there may be a slightly different consensus after "conventional wisdom" and pundit-speak changes the perception, but my take immediately after the debate: Barack Obama cleaned Mitt Romney's clock. Romney was on defense most of the time, and in those times where he thought he had the ball, he fumbled it. He looked sweaty, sputtery and nervous.

My favorite part was when Mitt thought he had gotten a slam-dunk on the President saying "acts of terror," and he was nearly giddy. . .until Candy Crowley bopped him over the head with the facts. I FREAKING LOVED IT. Thank you, Mr. President for coming back with a vengeance. Two weeks ago, a legend was written: President Obama barely put out an effort, and Mitt Romney was masterful. That was half right. Romney was never masterful, only good by comparison. Tuesday night showed what happens when Obama shows up. Romney loses.


Energized Obama takes aggressive approach in second debate 

A newly energetic and aggressive President Obama went directly after his Republican challenger from the first moment of their second debate to the last, attacking Mitt Romney’s business record, his positions on issues and his truthfulness during a heated 90-minute encounter. . .

Read more at: Los Angeles Times

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