Monday, October 8, 2012

Romney Debate Bounce Evaporates?

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Obviously, polling can be misleading, and can vary wildly between pollsters. They also seem to have a lag time, and drawing conclusions from them can be quite confusing. I mean, whenever there is a shift in the polls, what do you conclude? If Romney is suddenly doing better, does that mean that some Barack Obama voters watched a debate, and because Obama was off his game, the voters switch to Romeny? Because the candidates are so similar, it boils down to debate performance? It just doesn't add up to me.

But whatever conclusions you draw, the fact remains that the horse race between the candidates gets far more attention than policy, or much of anything else. And while Mitt Romney did get a bounce from his debate "win," it has seemingly already evaporated.


Romney’s Post Debate Bounce Evaporates as Obama Returns to Leading by 5

Mitt Romney may have gotten one of the shortest post-debate bounces in history as swing state and national polls reveal Obama in the lead. . .

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