Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Chris Christie and President Obama Tour Hurricane Damage

A fine bromance. Image from source, Washington Post
It's got to be a bit irksome to Mitt Romney and his supporters* that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has been so effusive in his praise for President Obama. Even worse, Christie has openly dissed Romney. So, one of their big (no pun intended) heroes seems to have gone to the dark side. I'm not fooled for a minute that Christie has become some sort of reasonable guy. I think he's usually a prick. But it is an interesting turn of events during a really bad situation.


President Obama, Gov. Chris Christie touring storm damage together in New Jersey

President Obama visited one of the hardest-hit areas in Hurricane Sandy’s destructive path Wednesday, joining New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) — one of his most outspoken critics and a chief surrogate to rival Mitt Romney — for a tour of the damage the storm inflicted on the Garden State. . .

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