Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mitt Romney Transmogrifies Campaign Event Into "Storm Relief"

Image from ThinkProgress
When mother nature decides to muck things up, she doesn't care if there is a political season a'going on. For President Obama, this means the spotlight is right on him, and he's going to have to step up. He did, and arguably would have anyway. And so far, he's managed not to step on a political landmine. For Mitt Romney, it's probably a little more awkward, if not quite as dangerous. He can't really do anything, so he's trying to morph his campaign temporarily into a relief effort of sorts.

Of course, gathering canned goods and other items sounds good and feels good, but it isn't what disaster relief organizations want (what with having to process, inventory, clean, transport, etc.). So, it's a bit of a misstep, but difficult to criticize because of the sentiment. But it would seem that Mitt wasn't completely successful at dialing back the politics. And that's bad too.

Anyway, who knows if this will effect the election at all. And how weird is it that even in the face of a Frankenstorm hurricane in late October, neither side is much talking about global warming/climate change?


Romney Campaign Plays Convention Video At ‘Non-Political’ Storm Relief Event in Ohio
Despite promising to avoid political events while millions of residents in the northeast suffer through the devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy, Mitt Romney made stop in the crucial swing state of Ohio on Tuesday morning and engaged in the very kind of electioneering his campaign pledged to forego. . .

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