Friday, October 26, 2012

OMG! Obama Birth Video by Obama's Father IN KENYA!!!

Oh the humanity hilarity! The birthers have been going on so long about forgeries and fakes that "prove" President Barack Hussein Obama wasn't born in Kenya, they've gone and created a video that "proves" he was!

Or at least, that's what I assume happened. It is possible, I suppose, that this was produced by someone on Obama's side, to send the birthers right over the edge. It's "real" enough to convince a conspiracy theorist, but fake enough to spot if you are unindoctrinated. The flaws in the video--gleaned from user comments, personal research and some good old fashioned reason, include (but are not limited to):
  • The Kenyan flag shown in the video wasn't in use when Obama was born.
  • The picture of Mrs. Obama is from a 1964 passport.
  • Mrs. Obama's maiden name is used, and is written in marker, something that wasn't in use in 1961.
  • The "newborn" Obama is enormous, and his "umbilical cord" seems to be held in place by one of the people in the video.
    The scratches and dust in the video match special effects filters found in video editing software.
  • The placement of the photograph, chart, flag and calendar are very conspicuous, as though they were placed there to "prove" the "film" is real.
  • The mother doesn't look like Mrs. Obama.
There is more to be found surely. But isn't that enough? Birther fraud and fail. And doesn't it make you wonder if this is what Donald Trump was really going to release?

Video and much commentary found at:


  1. Ho. Lee. Crap.

    This. Is. HYSTERICAL!

  2. I don't what is more pathetic: conservatives who believe this video is real (probably zero)
    Or liberals who think that conservatives would think this video is real. (probably a lot)
    My guess the liberals who think conservatives would believe this video is real are the pathetic ones.

  3. I disagree, Dan. Birthers are a horse of a whole different color. Like Agent Mulder on The X-Files, they WANT to believe. I seriously believe this was Donald Trump's "game changer," and that he only came up with his goofy wager to save face.

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