Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tagg Romney Wanted to Hit President Obama?

Tack Trick Flern Tagg Romney. Photo from Gawker.
Oh, Tagg. You don't sound a whole lot better than the stories we've heard about your dad in his youth. . .and his not-so-youth. I'm sure some folks find this kind of attitude to show loyalty to your dad. But I wonder. . .if President Obama had a son, and he said the same thing you said about Mitt Romney? How do you think people would take that? Think about it.


Tagg Romney Wanted to Punch Obama During Tuesday’s Debate

Not willing to let his dad hog all the petulant debate rage, Tagg Romney took serious offense when President Obama accused his father of being dishonest. In fact, he was so seriously offended that he wanted to punch the president. Really. . .

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