Friday, October 19, 2012

Right Wing World: Faux Outrage Over Obama on Daily Show

In the previous post, I put up the two-part President Obama interview on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I watched the interview as it aired (and the Late Show with David Letterman one right after), and found the Prez to be very thoughtful, smart and funny. He also showed the appropriate level of seriousness when the conversation called for it. I saw nothing particularly controversial.

Image from source, The Wrap
But then, I don't live in Right Wing World. Word must have come from on high, presumably from Mount Limbaugh or Drudge Hill that the thing to focus on on Friday would be the word "optimal." As in, what happened in Benghazi was "not optimal." If that sounds like simplistic overstatement for what happened there, that's what the right is going for in their faux outrage. Watched in context--please click the link above if you don't believe me--was a very serious moment, with Obama merely echoing Stewart's word choice. To take it as cavalier or dismissive would be quite simply to lie. But lying seems to be de rigueur in Right Wing World.


'Daily Show': Obama's 'Not Optimal' Answer Rallies Conservatives

President Obama's appearance on "The Daily Show" was supposed to be a chance to rally his liberal base in front of a supportive crowd in a comfortable setting. But he may have gotten too comfortable. . .

Read more of this silliness at: The Wrap

UPDATE: The Daily Show has posted a note on their Facebook page in response to the poutrage:

ALERT! SIREN SPINNING ALERT! Obama calls Benghazi attack a "tragic event" on The Daily Show


  1. If your loved one died, would that not optimal?
    Obama was just trying to be cool and he probably wasn't thinking what he was saying.
    It was a very stupid thing to say,kind of like the binder of women Romney says.
    Except, Obama was talking about people who died.

  2. It was clear when he was saying it that it was a use of understatement. Jon Stewart had just used the word. He wasn't "trying to be cool," he was in a conversation. There really was nothing wrong with it. Did you watch the interview?


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