Thursday, March 14, 2013

Man Behind Romney "47 Percent" Video Revealed

Image from source, Raw Story
While the surreptitiously recorded "47 Percent" video may not be solely responsible for Mitt Romney's loss in the 2012 presidential election, it certainly was instrumental. It cemented the already common belief that Romney was out of touch, separate and apart from ordinary Americans. Romney's attempts to distance himself from the video were also transparently phony, which was another of his common traits. So, the video may not have been Romeny's campaign coffin, but it was a fist full of the nails.

The man who shot the video turns out to not be some commie pinko liberal moonbat like me, but an independent. And he doesn't seem to be barnstorming the media for a payday (though who could blame him if he did), having waited this long to out himself. I think he did his nation a great service.


Mystery man behind ’47 percent’ video revealed

The man who secretly filmed then-presidential candidate Mitt Romney telling a private audience that “47 percent” of voters would vote for President Obama “no matter what,” outed himself Wednesday night during an hour-long segment on “The Ed Show. . .”

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