Friday, March 15, 2013

New Details About Newtown, 152 Bullets in Less Than 5 Minutes

Whatever your politics (if any) on gun control, this video is worth watching. For one, it will disabuse you of the notion that Rachel Maddow is a wild-eyed reactionary. Secondly, she gives an excellent account of the chain of events in the Sandy Hook Elementary mass shooting in  Newtown, Connecticut. It's easy to follow, and even handed (and comes with an advisory warning for people who'd rather not picture the events). Starting at about 1:45, she chronicles what happened, and only after about 6:30 is there any particular editorializing. And what editorializing there is, in my opinion, is hard to argue with.

152 bullets in under 5 minutes. Four reloads, with extended magazines. How different might it have been if the shooter had to reload 15 times, instead? It's a valid question, and a good one.

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  1. What's her source for this ? The last I heard , the reports were sealed .

  2. She names it, right at the time I gave you: The Hartford Current.


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