Monday, March 18, 2013

Sarah Palin Reads Obama Teleprompter Joke. . .From a Teleprompter

Palin and Teleprompter, from Wonkette
I know that we liberals love to make fun of CPAC and especially Sarah Palin. And I know that Palin is largely a troll who exists (much like Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh) to get a rise out of us.  But I simply can't resist this expertly written, fabulous and funny critique of Palin's performance at that conservative confab. Just terrific.

And on a side note, I have to comment on the shallow comedy/commentary "well" conservatives drink from. I've never understood the relevance nor the humor quotient of slamming President Obama for using a Teleprompter, something all modern Presidents use. And the Big Gulp? Isn't Bloomberg a Republican? I'll give Sarah this, she's an expert red-meat thrower, and her audience isn't fussy that much of it is fat and gristle.


Wonkette Infiltrates CPAC As Sarah Palin Reads Joke About Obama’s Teleprompter From Teleprompter

. . .The morning was full of how to take America back, but mostly the speechifiers were surprisingly quasi-sorta reasonable, with much in the way of hollow but appreciated gestures suggesting that hey, evil liberal democrats are people too, sort of, and we should maybe all maybe work together sometimes, to do something good for the country. All this was noticeably strange, considering they were all there as part of the the run up to the CPAC crowd favorite, and our favorite frumious bandersnatch ever, Sarah Palin.

Yes, the nastiest of nasty, most vile and reviled, wretched, snarky, winky, full of herself, queen of all idiotic smugness, Sarah Palin was our noon time “speaker. . .”

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