Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Ed Show Moves to Weekends on MSNBC

I've been something of a fan* of MSNBC since Countdown with Keith Olbermann switched gears and started speaking out against the Iraq War. Already a fan of Rachel Maddow, I was happy to add her program to my schedule, and when Olbermann left, I stuck with her, and occasionally some of their other programming. I've enjoyed the other personalities like Ezra Klein, Chris Hayes, Ari Melber (sigh), Melissa Harris-Perry and several others, including the occasional Hardball with Chris Matthews and The Last Call with Lawrence O'Donnell episodes. But I'm not a huge fan of Ed Schultz.

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It's not that I particularly dislike him, and I'll acknowledge that he's done a lot for liberal causes. But I find his program to be the least newsy of the MSNBC programs I ever watch, and have never become a fan of Ed's style. Still, I wish him well on the weekend startup, and I hope his wife is getting better from her illness.


The Ed Show moves to weekend evenings on MSNBC this spring

MSNBC’s “The Ed Show,” hosted by Ed Schultz, will move to weekend evenings next month. The announcement was made by Ed Schultz on his broadcast this evening. “The Ed Show” will air live on MSNBC from 5-7 pm on Saturdays and Sundays beginning in April. More details of Ed’s new weekend program will be announced in the coming weeks. . .

Read more at: NBCNews

*I should note, that when I say "fan," I'm not a superfan, like many FOX "News" enthusiasts. While I am no doubt an unabashed fan of Rachel Maddow, I have no particular affection for big corporations like Comcast or GE. I'm grateful that MSNBC provides an outlet for Maddow, and by extension several other smarties I'm fond of. It ends there. M'mkay? M'mkay.

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