Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rand Paul Ends 13-hour "Filibuster"

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"Filibuster" usually means to talk and talk, and not yield the floor. But it hasn't meant that in the Senate for quite some time, where a Senator doesn't even have to reveal himself to declare the threat of a filibuster, and it's just a done deal. It's kind of pathetic. So, to the rescue is second generation batshit Senator Rand Paul. I'm not opposed to discussion over the CIA's use of drones, that's actually something that needs to be hammered out, and clearer in scope before. . .well, before someone like Rand Paul ever becomes President. So, good on him for the topic, and I guess good on him for the revival of a lost political form (last performed by Sen. Bernie Sanders in 2010).

But Paul in bonkers, after all, and the transcripts of his political theater piece will be unlikely to produce a Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. And please, what is that thing on his head?


Rand Paul Ends Filibuster Of John Brennan Confirmation After Nearly 13 Hours

A small group of Republicans, led by Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, stalled the Senate on Wednesday by waging a nearly 13-hour old-school, speak-until-you-can-speak-no-more filibuster over the government’s use of lethal drone strikes — forcing the Senate to delay the expected confirmation of John O. Brennan to lead the Central Intelligence Agency. . .

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  1. I would hope that you would come out and say that the President of any party, cannot use a drone to kill an American citizen on US. soil.
    And it sucks that right after I posted on it, he quit. Must have jinxed him.


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