Sunday, March 3, 2013

Blast from the Past: Best TV Themes of All Time (Part 1)

This is a Blast from the Past that needs very little exposition. These are my very favorite TV theme songs, and they rather speak for themselves. Either they are very catchy tunes, very meaningful lyrics, particularly good editing-with-music, or iconic pop culture confections. I'll insert a couple comments, but they mostly stand on their own. So, without further ado. . .

1. Laverne & Shirley
: A spunky duo of 50s/60s gals face life on their own. Togetherness and determination all the way.
2. One Day at a Time: A divorcee strikes out on her own with two daughters in tow. And the theme song encourages others to strike their own path no matter what.

3. Simon and Simon
: A detective team made of brothers who are like night and day. The theme song is cooler than the premise.

4. Knots Landing: A suburban cul-de-sac, loosely connected to the drama of Dallas. Soapy (but fun) show with an amazing theme song that changed from season to season. But season 5's was the best.

5. Gimme a Break: Fun theme song to a borderline racistly premised show.
6. Gimme a Break: Revised theme song to a borderline racistly premised show.

7. Dynasty: Glitzy soap opera, based in Denver, Colorado.
8. Dallas: Glitzy soap opera, based in Dallas, Texas.

9. Beverly Hills, 90210: superficial teen drama.
10. Melrose Place: superficial adult drama.

And that will do it for this edition of Blast from the Past. If I continue this series (and I very likely will), my "Best TV Themes of All Time" will very likely run to about 10 segments. And it's only that short, because some of my favorite shows have had no--or very nearly no--theme songs at all. Count this as batch #1, and have a great week, everybody!

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