Thursday, March 7, 2013

Right Wing Hero James O'Keefe to Pay $100,000 Damages for ACORN "Sting"

Best picture this dweeb has ever taken, from Gawker.
Whenever there is a fresh right-wing world freakout going on (you know, Clang! FOX "News" Alert!), I roll my eyes. That's because so many of them are either not at all what they say they are, they're a cherry-picked nugget of outrage in an overall innocuous non-story, or they are freshly driven bullshit. And the king prince jester of the bullshit pushers is twerp-faced James O'Keefe.

O'Keefe puts together "sting" operations, and surreptitiously video tapes them. Then, he creatively edits them, and takes them to FOX "News" (particularly now that Andrew Breitbart is dead), where he then dresses them up, by wearing pimp clothes, or whatever will sell it best. This has made him a right wing hero, which is puzzling, but then, kinda not, given some of the other right wing heroes.

In any event, it's very gratifying to see this skeevy, bottom-feeding tool get what's coming to him.


James O’Keefe Will Pay $100,000, Apologize to Former ACORN Employee

Journalism school laughingstock and expert jazz hands practitioner James O'Keefe will pay $100,000 and apologize to a former ACORN employee who was fired after being featured in one of O'Keefe's 2009 "sting" videos. The heavily-edited videos were successful, in that they led to a congressional investigation that eventually shutdown ACORN, netting O'Keefe $65,000 in the process. The videos were also, apparently, illegally filmed, at least the one shot in California. Former ACORN employeed Juan Carlos Vera sued O'Keefe and his partner-in-crime Hannah Giles last year, saying the secretly recorded video violated California law that prohibits recording someone without their permission. . .

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