Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hostess Cupcakes Coming Back?

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It's funny how you can miss something you likely haven't bought much in decades, but many Americans got very sad about the demise of Hostess Brands several months back. The Wonder Bread (and other breads) division were gobbled up already, but the Twinkies and Ho-Hos have been mia ever since. And in the meantime, other companies have really stepped up their game, notably Tastykake and Little Debbie, which has packaging very much like just about every Hostess Brand, prominently displayed where the Ding Dongs used to be!

Well, move over Debbie (you vulture), Hostess is coming back!


Twinkies May Return To Store Shelves This Summer

Remember back in November when we learned the HORRIBLE news that Hostess snack foods was going out of business and would no longer be producing delicious dessert treats like Twinkies anymore? Well, I’ve got some good news for ya. A joint bid by two companies successfully won the right to produce Twinkies and other Hostess snack foods for sale again … which means that “America’s favorite snacks” might be back on store shelves by the Summer! ISN’T THAT THE BEST NEWS EVER?! . . .

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  1. Will the Hostess Cupcake be back again soon? My favorite and my children's favortie too since they were in grade school. Now they are 40+ years. When I told them Hostess was closing the store where we live one of my sons said "oh no" my favorite, Twinkies and the choclolate Ding Dongs, drats. If another buyer takes over will the Hostess Cupcake taste the same??

  2. Looks like they'll be back by September. They're using different bakeries, but I've gotta think they'd use the same recipes.

    1. Look forward to September. Hope the taste is the same. Thanks James for the info.

  3. I forgot, I have bought Little Debbie snacks and they are not the same as the Hostess Brand..
    We want our Hostess Brand snacks back and also the delicious Wonder Bread!!

  4. Did you know that Amazon is selling the Hostess snacks but the price is very Pricey??

  5. The tough part will be getting shelf space back. At or store, it would be tough for them to get shelf space because of Little Debbie, Great Value and other brands.

  6. Go ahead and pay your high prices for hostess; I will take Little Debbie any day! Better cake and better company.

  7. Little Debbie cannot hold a candle to the taste Hostess brought to us.I truly hope the new bakeries have the exact recipe from Hostess.:-)


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