Friday, March 8, 2013

Sears Pulls Ads from SNL Over "Djesus Uncrossed" Skit

Oh, I really don't like it when the fanatical religious zealots win one. I mean, win one legitimately, they claim they've "won" all the time in these sorts of boycotts/activist protests, whether they really did or not. But apparently Sears caved on these ridiculous protests over a bit that they didn't even really understand. See, it was all over a Saturday Night Live filmed bit that parodied Quentin Tarantino films, while simultaneously skewering the religious right's dichotomic lust for guns and Rambo-like violence. [Story continues below]

No, it wasn't really a statement on Jesus the (allegedly) historical figure, but leave it to the conspicuously religious to miss the point, and get bent out of shape about it. How about getting a little excited that a creaky (after 38 years) American institution like SNL can actually produce a funny bit for a change? Honestly, I don't think they'd have anything to do if they weren't getting offended and bent out of shape about something.


Sears removes online ads from 'Saturday Night Live' 'Djesus Uncrossed' sketch

SNL‘s trailer for Djesus Uncrossed, a fake historical revenge fantasy starring Christoph Waltz as a vindictive Jesus Christ, is more of a Tarantino send-up than a spoof of Christianity. But that hasn’t stopped faith-based groups like the American Family Association from expressing outrage about the sketch, and as a result of their urging, one advertiser has asked its commercials be moved from online showings of Djesus. Here’s the two-minute short that has stoked so much ire. . .

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