Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Apple Fanboys Rejoice: Lots of New Goodies

The new iPhone operating system,
from CultOfMac
Apple released a whole bunch of news about their product lines this week, sending the Cult of Mac (which is overdue for a name change) into a quivering puddle of mess. I'm primarily a PC and Android user, so I can mostly just roll my eyes, but I also have a MacBook Pro as my laptop, so I can also wonder what the new OS X 10.9 "Mavericks" has in store for me. Provided it will run on my not brand-new system. And what's up with Mavericks? All of the previous releases have been named after cats. They couldn't think of a better cat than a Mountain Lion?

Anyway, the iWorld will be abuzz for a few weeks, taking the thunder away from the new Android phones, and the new upgrade to Windows 8.  It's just hard to read about it all, if you're brave and enter the comments sections of any of the Apple news sites. Apple fans are insufferably "superior," much of the time, and they've inspired a bunch of backlash from "fandroids" and PC fans. It can be entertaining, but it's kind of stupid. By now, you can buy an awesome phone and a very cool computer for any platform. Personal preference shouldn't have an attitude.

That said, I think the new iPhone interface, iOS 7, looks kind of cartoony. The aim is "flat," which seems to be the new thing for everybody. Dropping excessive gradients, shadows, lens flares and the like makes for a cleaner look. And Apple didn't go completely stark. But I'm not sure this sets itself too far away from Samsung, itself saddled with some cartoonish icons. And as an Android user, I still don't like the iOS default app tray start screen. I much prefer having a start screen, with the clock, weather, frequently used apps. I wonder if iOS 7 allows that kind of modification?

Anyway, for the most part I don't really care, so here's where you go if you do care:

Cult of Mac

Or here, if you want a little less slobber: MSN

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