Friday, June 7, 2013

Gay Marriage Advocacy Group Also Targeted by IRS

Hint: Not a tea partier. Image from source,
Edge New England.
Okay, except for Lindsey Graham on his fainting couch, and high-profile Democrats who feel it necessary to look bipartisan in their outrage, I think we can declare the IRS "scandal" officially not a scandal. Already, several groups that were not conservative have been public about being targeted, and now we have Jesse Tyler Ferguson's marriage equality group saying the same thing. And that's not only not a scandal, it's actually a good thing. Groups filing for this status should be investigated. The only scandal is that many of the groups filing for this status were granted it, and yet do not really qualify, since they are political groups.

So, move on to one of the other scandal-ettes people.


’Modern Family’ Star’s Marriage Equality Group Targeted by IRS

The folks at the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) can stop complaining and rest easy tonight. If news in the Hollywood Reporter is correct, they haven’t been singled out by the Internal Revenue Service because of their views on traditional marriage, instead they join the ranks of "Modern Family" actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson and his fiancĂ© Justin Mikita whose marriage equality group Tie the Knot, was also one of the groups the IRS targeted for special scrutiny. . . 

Read more at: Edge New England

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  1. Even a blind squirrel gets a nut once in awhile.


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