Monday, June 10, 2013

So, That Happened: Get Your GOP Fashions!

I'm on several mailing lists for things I'd never be interested in. Sometimes, I'm there on purpose, just to keep tabs, you know. Sometimes, it's from signing a petition to a tangentially related cause. Sometimes you don't know where the heck it came from, I mean BeliefNet? AARP? So, it's unsurprising for me to be peddled to by groups I will never buy from.

Reince Priebus (vowels removed, it's RNC PR BS, y'know) sends a lot of useless--sometimes unintentionally humerous--money begs. This one, I'll grant you, isn't hilarious, it just struck me as good for a chuckle. I mean, first of all, the shirt in the shot looks like it would fit a slim young man, who couldn't possibly be a sizable portion of the base of the GOP. I'm thinking Ls and XLs would be rare, and that they should stock mostly shirts in multiple Xs. And secondly, I just can't picture seeing hoards of people at "upcoming barbeques, sports games [Ed: sports games?], and 4th of July celebrations" wearing this shirt, as the email suggested.

It's actually a nice looking shirt, and the GOP logo is even attractive (though, what's up with the upside-down stars, anyway?), but what the Republicans represent these days is meanness, contrariness, antagonism and more meanness. Even Sean Hannity claims to be a "conservative" these days, rather than a Republican. So, I'm thinking, if you load up on these bad boys, the people at the barbeque will be cutting a wide berth around you.

But go ahead, get yours at:

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