Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Texas GOP Forces Through Abortion Bill Despite Filibuster

Texas GOP, you've created a hero with this lady. State Sen. Wendy
Davis, image from source, AP
UPDATE: As I type this--way past my bedtime--the passage of the bill is in doubt. There is buzz all over the blogosphere and twitterverse that the vote was after the deadline, and the time fudged by the Texas GOP. Was this a valid vote?


Again, right up front, abortion is not my issue. But douchebaggy, assholey, straight-up mean GOPers? That's certainly my area. I'm still trying to figure out if this is just all fun'n'games for Republicans, throwing red meat to their base while pissin' off the libs? Or is it a bold attempt to get sued, and get Roe vs. Wade revisited by the Supreme Court? Or, is it just that old "out-meaning" each other theory I've got going? Whatever it is, the Texas GOP has enraged a whole lot of people, particularly women--some of whom are undoubtedly conservatives.

All of this followed a bravura attempt by Texas State Senator Wendy Davis, who mounted a filibuster that almost worked. She was required to talk--on subject--for 13 hours without assistance or the ability to lean against anything or even go to the bathroom. The very strict rules were observed by what I can only picture as a study hall monitor, with a three-strikes-you're-out provision. After 11 hours, there were three minor infractions (unbelievably, Davis talking about sonograms was deemed off-topic), and the Texas Senate had just enough time (amid howls of protest) to ram the abortion bill through.

I'm still trying to understand conservative logic on this whole issue. They want to shut down Planned Parenthood. Restrict access to contraception, morning-after pills, or sex education. They want abstinence-only education. They want reduced or eliminated social programs like food stamps, welfare, and pre-schooling. So, essentially, no pregnancy prevention, no plan B and no abortion. . .but you'll get zero help from the state once the kid is born. This is one fucked up agenda.


Texas Senate GOP passes restrictive abortion bill

Texas Republicans have passed new abortion restrictions expected to close almost every abortion clinic in the nation's second most populous state. . .

Read more at: AP

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