Friday, June 21, 2013

Another Paula Deen Scandal, Y'All!

I'm 40, y'all! Image from First For Women.

I'm kidding, this was just something I noticed at the grocery store today. While at the checkout, I was amused to see that Paula Deen is on the cover of First for Women magazine. The timing of that is probably a headache for the magazine, you know having a racism scandal probably doesn't help sales.

But what really gets me is the heavy amount of Photoshop used on Mrs. Dean's photo! I mean, I know they digitally sculpt the crap out of supermodels and megastars, but Paula Deen? This is a 66-year-old, plus-sized woman. Everybody knows that. But just look at that photo. Then take a look at one of the videos from Deen's apology tour. Doesn't this qualify as a scandal too?

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