Monday, June 3, 2013

Blast from the Past: It's MAGIC!

Gotta tell ya, kids. This is another weekend that got away from me. First, we had a triple-birthday celebration on Friday (at the fabulous Brazilian steakhouse, Texas de Brazil), then a blowout garage sale for a friend clearing out a decade of flotsam, then the visit from a sibling-in-law. It's been busy. So, not much time for the bloggage, even with it being my sixth anniversary.

So, what can I offer you? What can be my Blast from the Past for this magical event? Well, how about something simple that requires no commentary? This is a back-burner topic I've held in reserve. It's just the topic of magic.Though almost all songs can have as their root either sex, finding sex, or looking for sex, there are themes in music. And one common one is magic. And the beauty of the subject is, I don't need to write a lengthy description when I'm tired, this is just a run-down of songs about magic. Enjoy.

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