Thursday, June 6, 2013

Glenn Beck Upset that Rachel Maddow Called Him a ""Conspiracy Theorist"

Is that a microphone plant? Image from source,
Since Glenn Beck got fired from FOX "News," and took his dog and pony show to the interwebz, I haven't mentioned him all that much around here. Because he's easy to forget (even if he is raking in cash from his gullible following). But every so often, he says something so off-the-wall- it almost requires comment. Just a little while ago, there was a funny story about Beck inventing a conspiracy theory to call him a conspiracy theory. It was only a week ago! And here is that crazy bastard saying he's never been called a conspiracy theory in his life. I guess lying comes easy when you do it for a living.


Beck Fires Back At Maddow, Questions Her ‘Intellectual Integrity’: ‘I’ve Never Been Called A Conspiracy Theorist’

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow has taken to tearing apart conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones and the ever-outraged right-wing response to recent events. On the flip side, Glenn Beck responded to her criticism, calling into question Maddow’s “intellectual integrity” and rejecting the comparison to Jones, with whom he said he disagreed. . .

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