Friday, June 7, 2013

What's Great About Susan Rice as National Security Advisor

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I have to say, President Obama's appointment of Susan Rice as National Security Advisor was exactly the kind of move I've wanted him to pull for a long time. It achieved three things: it put a qualified person in the position, it was a way to put right the wrong that has been done to Ms. Rice, and it was a bold, in-your-face move to Republicans.

Rice has been in the right's crosshairs since five days after the Benghazi attacks. She went on the Sunday political talk shows, and gave the CIA's account of what they thought happened (with acknowledgment that it was an evolving situation). Her talking points turned out not to be entirely correct, which is hardly an unusual happening for those shows. And yet, Right Wing World was shrieking with outrage--and continues to--as though Rice had anything to do with decisions made during the attacks, or continues to live (like Bill Murray in Groundhog's Day, I suppose) on that day, still giving the same story. She's not, by the way.

So, when Rice's name was floated to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, the heat was so strong from Right Wing World, Rice withdrew her name from contention. I always thought that was a shame. So it is very welcome to hear of her appointment, and brings a huge smile to my face for altogether more immature aspects of my psyche! Ha-ha!


Obama appoints Susan Rice as national security adviser

Hailing her longtime role as a “trusted adviser,” President Barack Obama formally named U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice as his next national security adviser on Wednesday. Obama tapped Rice, a target of Republican criticism in recent months, to succeed Tom Donilon; the president also nominated Samantha Power, a longtime foreign policy adviser, to take over Rice’s role at the United Nations. . .

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  1. What makes Rice the most qualified candidate for the job?

  2. I didn't say "most qualified," I said "qualified." I don't have any way to know who is more qualified. But the Prez wanted her there, and this isn't a position that needs Senate confirmation, so he gets who he wants. Right?


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