Friday, June 7, 2013

Scandal: The IRS Didn't Scruitinize Only Right Wing Groups

I know that my conservative friends are probably mystified why I don't consider the so-called scandals, scandals. Or why I created the overwrought graphic as a banner for them. Maybe this story will explain some of it. Now, remember that conservatives such as Karl Rove have made statements like, “If it was not political, why were only conservative groups targeted?” Well, Karl--you well-known truth-teller you--it wasn't only conservative groups. In fact, I don't think anybody ever stated that, though I know you wanted it to be true.


Oh, Hey, Looks Like IRS Didn’t Scrutinize Only Conservative Groups. Imagine That!

As we all know, the mean old IRS targeted tea party groups in the Worst Scandal Since Watergate (May 2013 edition), and then America was Over for the 768,926th time since January 2009. But here is a thing! Turns out that the IRS also targeted a whole bunch of other groups trying to get a tax subsidy for being political, too! . . .

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