Tuesday, June 4, 2013

SCOTUS: They Can Have Your DNA

Gun nuts fetishists enthusiasts get all freaked out about potential background check laws, because they are paranoid about a "national registry"--a thing precluded in the verbiage of all of these potential laws--that would presumably let the gubmint know who has what kind of gun. I'm not sure I see the problem there, but gun freaks lovers fans think it is a super, duper, gigundo assault on their "freedoms."

Well what say you, gunners, about the latest Supreme Court ruling on DNA? I'm just curious if this will spur our most vocal hot-button-issue contingent to even shrug their shoulders. Obviously, there's not much we can do about a SCOTUS decision in the short term. . .but I'm just wondering. Isn't this a much larger potential assault on freedom?


The Police Can Now Access Your DNA Without A Warrant, Even When You Can’t Access It At All

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday upheld the use of DNA databases to collect genetic information from suspects arrested but not yet charged, without any requirement that officers first show probable cause. The 5-4 ruling overrules a state court determination that Maryland’s DNA collection law permits unconstitutionally invasive searches. . .

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  1. I think this is the wrong decision because just a person is arrested doesn't mean they are a criminal, until they are convicted of a crime.
    On the other hand, we collect fingerprints of everyone arrested, so is there much of a difference?

  2. DNA is creepier than fingerprints, because your DNA is like the keys to the kingdom of "you." I realize that there is little more the police is likely to do with your DNA besides ruling you out or proving you committed a crime. But I've read enough medical thrillers and other sci-fi to get a bit of a wiggins over the idea.


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