Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October Non-surprise #1: Joe Biden Gaffes Again (Sorta)

Joltin' Joe, from Huffington Post
I'm back from vacation, so I expected a lot to work with. But I didn't expect the "October Surprise" moments to be fast and furious on October second. Here, as I type, we have three of them. Two of them are of the "opposition research" mold, and this one is of the "self inflicted" variety. All of them--unless I miss my guess--are fairly weak tea.

When it comes to the Joe Biden gaffe, you're grading on a curve. He is prone to speaking off-the-cuff, and when he does so, he sometimes leaves out words, or gropes for the wrong one. In this case, he didn't attribute the middle class being "buried" to the policies of the previous administration, nor to the Republican Congress, both of which are valid points. So it gives the Romney campaign--always searching for a change-of-storyline--with the opportunity to pounce. But it is kind of like a mouse being caught by a toothless, clawless cat. It's just not going to change the news cycle, especially not in the midst of the first debate tomorrow. Nice try though.


Joe Biden 'Buried' Comment About Middle Class Seized On By Republicans Ahead Of Debate

Republicans pounced on comments by Vice President Joe Biden about the middle class being "buried" for the past four years as proof that President Barack Obama’s economic policies have failed. . .

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