Friday, April 19, 2013

Boston Berzerk

As I type this, I'm up late (or early, I suppose) into the early hours of my birthday. I should be sleeping, so that I can get up early and have a wonderful birthday breakfast. But there is an unfolding, and utterly bananas story coming out of Boston.

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There is too much conflicting and contradictory information to report with any level of accuracy. I'm watching MSNBC, which seems to be really trying to not overstep into too much speculation. Everything is qualified and clearly said to be guesswork when it is, with endless repeatings of the facts as they are known, and then just what they're hearing. The skittishness is understandable, given the bad reporting by The New York Post, CNN and FOX "News" earlier in the week.

But the gist is that a police run-in with a seemingly unrelated criminal element in Watertown, with an officer shot, a hail of gunfire in a fire fight, a pressure cooker bomb being "lit" and thrown at the cops, and a very likely but still tentative naming of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects. . .one dead? One on the loose? Possibly three of them?

It's really unclear, though even as I type this, it would seem that they're getting surer that these are the guys that the FBI was looking for. But even that doesn't prove that they were the actual bombers. . .or the only bombers.

Oddly, some sources are saying that one of the guys--the one on the loose--is a guy named Sunil Tripathi, who has been missing for a month. I don't know what that's about, but there you go. I'm sure this story will continue to morph, and some things will turn out not to be true, other things play out, etc. But this is going to be a movie or miniseries one day. Count on it.

UPDATE: As I suspected, this Tripathi kid is NOT one of the names of the two suspected bombers. I'm not sure how his name got in the mix, but I sure didn't think he looked like either of them. More later.


Explosions, fatal shooting in Boston area

Two men identified by law enforcement sources as the Boston Marathon attack suspects — armed with explosives and guns — battled authorities in a Boston suburb early Friday morning, unleashing chaos until cops took one of the men into custody, and the other fled, the sources said.
Officials later said the the suspect taken into custody died. . .

Read more at: NBC News

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